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October Seafood Month | Boca Raton Seafood Restaurant

October is National Seafood month and our Boca Raton seafood restaurant is celebrating by diving into the delicious depths of "October Seafood Month"! Throughout this exciting month, we are thrilled to present a tantalizing lineup of seafood specials that will transport your taste buds to the briny shores of culinary delight. Ke'e Grill Boca Raton always celebrates seafood, but when we heard there was a month dedicated to seafood, of course we had to celebrate! Check out the full menu below and then book your table right away to enjoy your favorite feature.

Boca Raton Seafood Restaurant Featured Menu

Kicking off Week 1, we invite you to savor our Snapper Almondine. This delectable dish features wild caught snapper, a highly sought-after fish known for its delicate texture and mild, sweet flavor. The snapper is delicately pan-seared to perfection, adorned with toasted almonds, and drizzled with a luscious almondine sauce. It's a true seafood classic, exquisitely prepared to highlight the snapper's natural elegance.

In Week 2, we are proud to present Hog Snapper prepared in two distinct styles. Hog snapper, a Floridian favorite, is known for its firm, white flesh and mild, slightly sweet taste. Choose between Vera Cruz, where the snapper is bathed in a zesty tomato, caper, and olive sauce, or Tycoon style, where it's enveloped in a rich, creamy sauce infused with lemon and herbs. Whichever you choose, you're in for a memorable seafood experience.

Week 3 brings a delightful twist with our Sweet Potato Crusted Grouper. Grouper, a staple of Florida's coastal cuisine, boasts a lean, flaky flesh and a mildly sweet flavor. Our chefs have crafted a unique dish by encrusting the grouper with sweet potato and topping it with a tantalizing sambal aioli and mango remoulade. It's a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that showcases the versatility of this beloved local catch.

Lastly, Week 4 brings a fiery touch to your plate with our Blackened Mahi Mahi over Fresh Corn Salsa. Mahi Mahi, renowned for its firm texture and mildly sweet flavor, takes center stage in this dish. Our chefs expertly blacken the fish, creating a flavorful crust, and serve it over a bed of fresh corn salsa. The combination of smoky spices and the sweetness of corn makes this dish an unforgettable culinary adventure.

Join our Boca Raton seafood restaurant throughout October to celebrate the bounty of the sea, explore the flavors of the ocean, and savor the finest seafood Boca Raton has to offer. Each week, we pay homage to a unique seafood delicacy, ensuring a memorable dining experience that captures the essence of these remarkable fish. Don't miss out on this gastronomic journey through the treasures of the deep, so book your table online today or call 561-995-5044 right away!

Boca Raton seafood restaurant featured October menu


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